15 October 2018

All I want for Christmas...

...is more music!
Gigs, recording, jams - you get the idea ;)
Whether you need an act for your event line-up, some female vocals on your recording project or just want to get together and jam it out - get in touch!
Music brings me such joy
& that's all a girl can ask for at Christmas time...
See me play next at the JamHouse Acoustic Sessions Nov 27 in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

30 August 2018


Do you Insta?

I try and keep my social feeds up to date but with the lovely filters on Insta, you'll find more pictorial updates over there, if you want to see what I'm up to in my little Beat World!

Find me @shebeatmusic on most the channels and if you're feeling super generous with your clicks, hit me up with a follow on Spotify!

30 July 2018

More from SheBeat Meets

More from my singer songwriter podcast this week... Every Thread talked about music making, a shared fondness for early Kylie and much more!

If you love discovering new music, shebeat meets is right up your street! I am so grateful to my guests who make the effort to come along and have a chat and perform their original songs - it's truly a delight to meet them all and I'm proud to give them a platform to share their musical wares...

If you're on FB there's a Best of from Season 2 you can listen to and you can tune in every Wednesday at 7pm to hear us on Brum Radio

If you are/ or know of a band or artist who could be a great guest - send me a note!