5 December 2019

SheBeat Meets Xmas Party

SheBeat Meets, my weekly new music podcast on Brum Radio, had a Xmas Party this week to end the season - I'll be back next year with more local music makers, but it was fun to end the year with some original festive songs as well as some classics, plus an impromptu heart-warming sing-along at the end ^_^ 


Thanks to my guests David Freja, Dave Ridley and Iain King for joining me for mince pies and giggles, thanks to tech support from Producer Paul, thanks to everyone who has been on the show and all of you who listened this year! See you in 2020!

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11 November 2019

Catch Your Breath

Catch Your Breath is the latest EP from your fav singer-songwriter SheBeat. Released on 22/11/19, featuring the title track, my first co-write Untethered, and Impossible, plus an extra stripped-back version of Freaky Crazy on the limited edition CD, Catch Your Breath was produced in Birmingham by local producer Jack Tasker at DROMA. 

Catch Your Breath is a 'don't worry be happy' vibe track, SheBeat philosophy is very glass half full, since life can certainly have its ups and downs, this upbeat number tries to remind you to stay in the moment, take a breath and smile - with added 'friends claps' to join in with when you listen...

Untethered is my first co-write. My friend Dave Ridley wanted to write about a heartbreak he had gone through and I pulled out my sad chords and a large portion of empathy to scribble this lovely song, which Dave also sang backing vocals on...

Impossible is a yearny love song (one of my specialisms) that I wrote a few years ago but had not recorded before. I asked Jack to  add some twinkly glockenspiel because it matched the love-struck sentiment...

Freaky Crazy (stripped back) is a re-record of one of my popular songs, stripped back to how I wrote it, bare and moody... I think this song suits reworking & look forward to playing with it time and time again... 

Self-publishing means trying to get as many plays as I can across all the platforms, but I have made 100 limited edition CDs available as a keepsake/ way of supporting your fav singer-songwriter.

A number of live promo dates are in the diary if you are following my Facebook page, with more to be confirmed, every share counts, so if you know someone who might enjoy my tracks please do show them the ways to listen... (all of the ways!) 

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29 October 2019

Pod 2020

In the summer of 2017 when I started my podcast, SheBeat Meets, I had no idea the joy and community it would create - 40+ eps later, am so happy to still be able to bring this little corner of independent music to life, long into 2020 may we continue, defo want to put on some live shows for you to attend - maybe even from Brum Radio HQ Warehouse CafĂ© in Digbeth... watch this space...  look for the SheBeat Meets Spotify playlist!  

Other future plans for the pod, hoping to get some eps on Spotify, planning to write up some of the interviews & content for a local zine to promote #womeninmusic, and now you can contribute to SheBeat Treasury directly via a new Patreon page, a (fairly) new space for music makers to build a community of supporters to make their art self-sufficient & of value to those who value such things in this life...

The New EP is coming next month to a gig near you - more on release dates/ merch & more soon! Make sure you're in my Facebook SheBeat Loves You fambo to get the latest... 

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