5 July 2018

Black Country debut July 19

Photo credit: Kevin Barrett 2018
 Get some SheBeat sounds live in the Black Country July 19
Warming up Jonny Cole & his Flat Pint of Mild,
catch me if you can at legendary venue The Robin 2 
- you'll be supporting live/ local venues

31 May 2018

Best of SheBeat Meets... season 2

Thanks to Beat friend Keiran and his super viddy skills, you can hear SheBeat Meets in a new space!

Do lend me your ears for the Best of my new music singer-songwriter podcast, and stay tuned for season 3!

& If you're an emerging singer-songwriter who would like to be a guest on the show, just get in touch...

13 April 2018

SheBeat EPK

Short bio:
SheBeat is a singer songwriter with perfect portions of hum-along, toe-tapping acoustic indie pop. Since 2013, two self published EPs have been well-received by fans and are available on Spotify for streaming. This indie artist loves performing live to audiences of all sizes, with plenty of intimate gigs and festival stages under her belt.

Long bio:

SheBeat picked up her guitar and onto the live music scene in Liverpool August 2012. Singing original songs from the start, with a couple of covers from the sixties era, filling the in between bits with stories and smiles, SheBeat isn't quite like anyone else. After a year on the open mic scene learning stage craft, SheBeat soon graduated to billed gigs and local festivals. A self-titled debut EP, was recorded in a home studio by Darren Jones, with Beach Boys style keys and backing vocals from We Are Catchers' Peter Jackson. Next chance to record was with Motor Museum's James Mellor. A more intimate sound with no frills. Both are available for streaming. SheBeat is a part of the Sofar Sounds UK family, launching Sofar Truro in 2017, performing for Sofar Liverpool and currently on side with Sofar Birmingham. 2017 launched SheBeat Meets - a live podcast featuring chat and live performance from other singer songwriters, picked up by Brum Radio. 2018 saw a spot at Liverpool Soundcity. The biggest festival date for the singer songwriter yet. Plans for the future involve more video and streaming content and a debut album pledge campaign.
"Sassy from the off - we're big fans" BBC Introducing 
"This is good, and I like it" Alan McGee 
"Great songs"​ Billy Butler, BBC Radio Merseyside
"SheBeat has authentic charm which makes her music stand out about the flood of acoustic singer songwriters out there today." My Random Jukebox

2 EPs, SheBeat (2014), and Feels Like (2016), are available on iTunes & Spotify etc.(DITTO Music, SheBeat Records)
Also limited selection of tracks available on www.soundcloud.com/shebeat