3 January 2019

New Year New Beat

It's 2019! Looking forward to another year of gigs, podcasts, streams, collabs & more!

With the gig dates trickling in from far & wide,
as well as local Brum dates, 
I'm excited to be making plans for SheBeat on stage for 2019
- I got a new Tanglewood guitar for Christmas too,
so feeling very pleased for myself, overall ;)

Listened to in 15 countries in 2018 on Spotify alone, glad to be feeling the international love... every stream/ playlisting helps, so don't be shy, put this girl on repeat!

See you soon Beat lovers!

20 November 2018

SheBeat Meets... charthopper

Very exciting times this week on SheBeat Meets..., my new music singer-songwriter podcast for Brum Radio, with my weekly episode going from the 41st position in the Mixcloud #Interview chart to 26th place overnight and going strong!

Have a listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/BrumRadio/shebeat-meets-number-57-141118/  
The power of sharing on social media is a big part of this success, thanks millions to my guests Number 57!

What would fluff make of it?! Not arff ;)

15 October 2018

All I want for Christmas...

...is more music!
Gigs, recording, jams - you get the idea ;)
Whether you need an act for your event line-up, some female vocals on your recording project or just want to get together and jam it out - get in touch!
Music brings me such joy
& that's all a girl can ask for at Christmas time...
See me play next at the JamHouse Acoustic Sessions Nov 27 in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter