11 November 2014

Upcoming gigs

So on Friday 21st November I'm taking part in the Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge showcase final ^_^

Tickets are advance only for £5 for charity and having attended last year (when my song Lonely at the Top came third place in both categories) I can recommend it as a lovely Friday night out. This year my song is called Casablanca and is based on a picture of a retro movie poster for the classic movie. I thought it might be fun to try and write a song with lots of the famous bits of the movie in, and I think that's what we got! I'll upload the song soon, hoping to record it end of the month with some new producer friends ^_^

Not long afters find me at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street again for the Acoustic Dustbowl Christmas Party! Friday 12th December me and a bunch of lovely and talented folk get together to raise money for charity and a great night of musics!

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