6 October 2017

Art inspo strikes again

The living legend that is Todd White is on his latest UK tour and I was lucky enough to catch him on the first night at White Wall Gallery in Solihull...
As you might know, I have two songs in my back catalogue that are WHITE art inspired, Always on the Run and She Never Sleeps Alone... maybe more to come, since I find his pictures so full of character and depth...
His latest limited edition coffee table book (fine art entry level £75 folks!) was on my wishlist - I happen to feature in the back inside sleeve (bottom right) thanks to my forearm WHITE brandmark tattoo - and the lovely man that he is, took a few minutes to dedicate the inside page for me with the picture above, which I can only assume, is my debut album cover art! haha
He won't mind, right?
 Better get some new songs cooking!

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