15 January 2020

Data says yes

It's 2020, another exciting year of SheBeat adventures to look forward to... #thatsright Beat lovers ;)

The data is in: we have so much data! The best thing about publishing in the digital places is all the data you get back - what languages do people who listen/ follow you speak - pirate?! Brilliant! Where are people streaming you? How many plays did you get on this platform vs that platform? Meanwhile I got bit by the merch bug and SheBeanies and personalised pencils have made it into the world - see me for £/p+p deets

Thanks for your continued support, I am super grateful for the encouragement/ plays/ shares/ love sent my way thru all my projects - look out for new music from me this year starting with a single dropping next month for Leap Day & a couple more releases planned before the autumn when I will launch my debut album crowdfunder

Look out for me playing live near you too - and if you see a venue/ festival you think would be perfect please drop me a line or a tweet about it - I'm also available for house gigs if that's more your thing...

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