21 April 2021

What They Say - SheBeat Reviews 2021


What music bloggers & playlisters said about SheBeat singles 2021... 

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'This is lovely. Believe is a jaunty, less than two minute, fabulous twee-folk shuffle.'Sean Tizz, Sonic Breakfast 


'Sometimes simplicity is the best way, such a nice and simple song - gentle backing, lovely vocals and a great story' - Billy Butler, Liverpool Live

'Lovely song' - Zoe Howe, Soho Radio 

'Short but sweet like many of her pop confections, Believe is a track that will cheer up the listener in a world that needs to believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.' Stuart Todd, Liverpool Acoustic 


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So Into You 

'Infectious and slightly ethereal in quality with a chorus that lodges itself in my head. Lo-Fi Alt Pop excellence and quite lovely too.'


'A blissful track... sends shivers down my spine and makes me grin with inner peace.' 


'A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone' - Edgar Allen Poets  


'Edinburgh producer Ian 'Sons of the Descent' White added underground tones, lead guitar magic and percussion loops to the track, and both art and lyrical video feature Edinburgh's north coast.'


'A very nice song' - In Your Ears Music, Purpl Macaron 

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Homecoming Queen 

“SheBeat is making some of my favourite music so far for 2021" Scots Whay Hae! Show Ali Braidwood 

"I like it. Has me thinking of The Breeders and Veruca Salt. Great stuff." Cam Glen Radio Derek McCutcheon 

“Homecoming Queen feels uniquely nostalgic, straying far from complexity yet perfectly in touch with rhythm, timbre and atmosphere through its charming elements.” The Weekender Scottish Music Scene 


"Showcasing her Liverpool roots throughout her iconic vocal, the brit-pop flavour of the new single’s production is out of this world. Telling the story of a woman who may not be the standard homecoming queen, the track draws influence from the likes of Lennon and McCartney, and Courtney Barnett to name a few." Mogg Blog


'Rhythmically catchy and atmospherically edgy, quaint and perky melodic nostalgia' - #carminasuavia RCK Nessi Holt 

'Such a nostalgic song! I love it' Taylor @ Rising Artists blog via Musosoup 

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21 March 2021

SheBeat new release Homecoming Queen EPK

Homecoming Queen is the third new single from singer-songwriter, SheBeat (Jodie Schofield), this year. 

The Liverpool born, North Edinburgh based artist wrote the song with storytelling influences from Dolly Parton, Lennon and McCartney and Courtney Barnett, to name a few of her favourites. 

Released for first listen via Bandcamp and Patreon to encourage fans to choose the artist-friendly platforms, a homemade video promo will follow on the YouTube channel, and streaming on all music platforms before the end of the month. See helpful links library at bottom of this post. 

It's the story of a woman who may not be the standard Homecoming Queen, but one with a story to tell. SheBeat Jodie said: "Inspired in part by my best friend T who has kept me on the edge of my seat with her real-life capers since we met aged 12, her image also features on my artwork for the single. We took the existing portrait and gave it a punk makeover for the new single cover art as another nod to the Homecoming Queen narrative misdirection. We call it God Save the Homecoming Queen."

The fantastic original portrait was created by Wirral-based artist Barbara Valentine. Thanks to both for use of the image, it will make a great t-shirt one day soon. 

Edinburgh producer Ian 'Wendys/ Sons of the Descent' White added lead guitar, bass guitar and percussion loops to the track. Ian said: "This is one of my favourite of SheBeat's tracks, and I wanted to bring it to life with a bigger sound than she's recorded before. We had fun with all the layers of guitars and vocals, and SheBeat chose a 12-string acoustic for her rhythm guitar, which gave us a richness at the core of the track."

SheBeat Jodie added: "The shaker on the track was my goodbye gift from music pal Quinn Lam when I left Birmingham last summer to move north. I hope to be able to get on the road again once lockdown is over to visit my friends all over the UK."

Expect more new music in 2021 for SheBeat, plus a Beat Zine and debut album. Hear SheBeat news first via my Patreon, or join my mailing list - email shebeatmusic @ gmail.com


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streaming soon in all the places, lovers! 

15 February 2021

SheBeat new release So Into You EPK


So Into You is the latest release from Leith singer-songwriter SheBeat (Jodie Schofield). 

The Liverpool born, North Edinburgh based artist recorded shore sounds from the stunning coast at Prestonpans over the summer and decided to mix them with this track, in a bid to create the siren song.

Released for first listen via Bandcamp and Patreon to encourage fans to choose the artist-friendly platforms, a homemade video promo will follow on her YouTube channel, and streaming on all music platforms to follow this month. TikTok friends, go crazy!

It's a love song written recently, SheBeat Jodie said: "The gentle lapping shore sounds really set the pace, I played electric guitar for this, instead of usual acoustic, to enable a slower strum, and since it's a love song I tried a softer vocal, like a whisper to a lover, hopefully if you listen with headphones you'll hear the sentiment. The water should lap back and forth too!" 

Edinburgh producer Ian 'Sons of the Descent' White added subterranean keys, lead guitar magic and percussion loops to the track, and the artwork features a picture from North Edinburgh shore. 

SheBeat Jodie explains: "The artwork features the shore, because it became such an integral part of the sound of this track. I am in love with the coast at North Edinburgh, filling my socials with colourful sunsets and water landscapes. Being from Liverpool, I grew up by the water, singing sailor songs, hearing about smuggled rum and transatlantic maritime life. This soundscape is a hat tip to that rich river city history."

New music in 2021 for SheBeat, include a Beat Zine and debut album. Hear SheBeat news first via my Patreon, or join my mailing list - email shebeatmusic @ gmail.com


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streaming in all the places, lovers!