30 December 2014

SheBeat Goes On

2015 looms on the horizon, what will SheBeat be up to I wonder... Plans are for making (and then breaking of course) and here's what I have in mind... Going to play further afield and meet some new interesting peeps! I had much fun playing in Manchester and Shrewsbury earlier this month, and have a bunch of hot tips for gigs as far afield as Cambridge, so watch out & come see me play when I get to your neighbourhood!

At the end of November I recorded a couple of tracks with a couple of guys at LIPA so looking fwd to sharing those with you soon, I'll share on my Soundcloud page...

Meanwhile enjoy this old track of mine, Won't Be The Same... Recorded on my iPhone while in a friend's flat with the window open, makes for an interesting acoustic I reckon ^_^

Thanks to everyone for all your love & support in 2014, it means so much and I am so thankful for every gig I get to perform and every song I am inspired to write... Here's to an even more exciting 2015!

25 November 2014


I met with local music journalist Jade Burns from Liverpool Community Radio to talk about my EP... (did you get yours yet?

One of the things she asked me about was how do I write a song... which was a timely question since I'd recently written this one for the Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge - their annual fundraising event at View Two Gallery - about a poster for the classic movie Casablanca.

With this song I had a little pen and paper time to write down my favourite lines and memorable scenes from the movie. 'Here's looking at you, kid', the line I chose to make the chorus for my song, was recently voted one of the most memorable film quotes of all time in a Radio Times poll, so I knew I was onto a good thing. One of the most rewarding things about songwriting is when an audience loves your songs as much as you do!

Next I thought about the story my song would be telling and worked on my first verse and chorus. 'Get on that plane/ Just walk away...' the song starts, so next I matched this with my favourite moody chords A and Em and soon the song had taken shape. A run thru with some nearby ears and a bit of fine tuning later - et voila! - Casablanca (according to SheBeat) was ready to share with the big wide world!

While lots of my songs are inspired by the strange and delightful things that occur in the world around me - certainly you can apply the word confessional to a lot of my lyrics - I find art very inspiring when looking for another story to tell. That's what SheBeat songs try to be - short stories you can sing along to.

Prior to finding out about the Liverpool Acoustic challenge last year I was already using pictures for inspiration. An american artist Todd White gifted me a couple of his prints after I became the first fan to ink his name on their person - I am a HUGE fan of his gritty portraiture but slightly lacking in the Fine Art budget! One of these awesome prints now on display at SheBeat Towers inspired one of my favourite songs I've written so far - Always On The Run  - which also features on my EP with added swoony keys and fiddly bits thanks to a little help from my friends Peter Jackson and Darren Jones.

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11 November 2014

Upcoming gigs

So on Friday 21st November I'm taking part in the Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge showcase final ^_^

Tickets are advance only for £5 for charity and having attended last year (when my song Lonely at the Top came third place in both categories) I can recommend it as a lovely Friday night out. This year my song is called Casablanca and is based on a picture of a retro movie poster for the classic movie. I thought it might be fun to try and write a song with lots of the famous bits of the movie in, and I think that's what we got! I'll upload the song soon, hoping to record it end of the month with some new producer friends ^_^

Not long afters find me at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street again for the Acoustic Dustbowl Christmas Party! Friday 12th December me and a bunch of lovely and talented folk get together to raise money for charity and a great night of musics!

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7 November 2014

Two years laters...

Thanks to everyone who popped in to my EP launch with Mellowtone at The Shipping Forecast last night. As usual, lovely Liverpool was ablaze of awesome live music and there really are tough choices to be made every single weekend as to where to take your ears! Thankfully tho we had a good crowd in to listen to my good friend and bluesman Joe Kelly, the delightful sound of Rosenblume and this bird singing songs from my EP and a bunch of others too ^_^

Turns out by cosmic coincidence that last night was my two year anniversary of playing live, TO THE DAY, bonkers! Back then I hustled into a basement in Lark Lane and fought my nerves to give my first billed performance (ta to Marc from The Springtime Anchorage for putting me on)... I actually can't believe two years has flown by so fast and been so much fun! #goodtimes 

If you haven't already, please consider buying my EP on iTunes or ask me about a limited edition physical copy at one of my giglets as detailed below ^_^   

Liverpool Acoustic Sound Cafe Monday 17th November FREE ENTRY
Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge Finalists Showcase View Two Gallery Friday 21st November £5/ Charity fundraiser (nearly sold out so they tell me)
The Bellstone Shrewsbury Thursday 11th December FREE ENTRY 
Acoustic Dustbowl Christmas shindig Friday 12th December £5 Charity fundraiser
Studio2 Acoustic Sessions Christmas party Wednesday 17th December FREE ENTRY

#phew busy me ain't I?

I'm on Facebook.com/shebeatmusic

And for YoutTube enthusiasts I don't have a lot of video action - I'm trying to improve this situation - but for now there's this lovely session I did for LiverpoolLiveTV back in the Spring [lucky #39]...

See you soon!

15 October 2014

SheBeat sets sail with EP launch at The Shipping Forecast, Thursday 6th November

SheBeat is a Liverpool singer songwriter telling tales of romantic misadventure within perfect portions of hum-a-long acoustic folk pop. SheBeat mixes 60s pop influences with more recent inspiration from troubadours like PJ Harvey, Norah Jones and Dolly Parton.

After earning her open mic stripes around Liverpool and Chester, the last 12 months saw SheBeat playing at popular music festivals including LIMF, while getting together with Domino Records’ We Are Catchers keys man Peter Jackson and producer Darren Jones to make her first steps into a studio sound.

SheBeat is a huge fan of sixties pop: “I wanted to achieve as retro a sound as I could, while still sounding fresh. The production plan was to keep my sound intimate - like you’d expect from an early 60s folk-pop recording - but interesting. Having only performed solo with my acoustic guitar for company, hearing my tracks with added instruments and vocals was amazing. I’m very excited to be sharing a bigger SheBeat sound with this EP release.”

The self-titled EP (which you can pre-order) is four tracks Mine// Freaky Crazy// She Never Sleeps Alone// Always On The Run, but SheBeat has plenty more original material ready to record. “It was really difficult to choose which of my songs to record for this EP, but I think these are a good introduction to my sound. If I get a good reaction I will record some more and put together an album in the spring. I’m a big fan of vinyl, so perhaps I could invest in a limited edition run.”

The EP launch party is taking place in the hold at The Shipping Forecast on Thursday November 6th as part of Mellowtone’s new night SONGWRITERS AT THE SHIP. Also performing on the night will be SheBeat favourites Rosenblume and Joe Kelly. Limited edition physical copies of the EP will be on sale on the night including an exclusive free gift and possibly homemade banana cake too. Tickets are just £4 in advance here http://mellowtone.skiddletickets.com/event.php?id=12261715
Don’t miss what’s sure to be a fantastic night in an intimate space listening to some great songwriters.

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Release date: 03.11.14
Available: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more of your favourite electronic download stores

SheBeat - EP Launch
The Shipping Forecast

Thursday 6th November 

Doors 8pm, £4adv