15 November 2015

En route to SheBeat 2016

Stop. Collaborate and listen.

2015 has been the most interesting of years thus far in the SheBeat Times. At the beginning of the year, my tour efforts began with a short roadtrip to Mancunia, followed by gigs all over including The Tabernacle in Talgarth, in Brecon, Wales; my first London gig(s) and even a wee spot in Brooklyn, New York #wow

Gigging out of town has been fun, inspiring, interesting and, um, expensive! So the aim to get to places I have not played before continues into 2016, but at a rate that keeps up with the bank balance... Perhaps this is where house gigs will help, if you think you can throw a SheBeat party in 2016 in your living room let's do it!

We also set sail to the first SheBeat music video this year, thanks to the lovely peeps at Liverpool Live TV, which was super fun to film and I'm thrilled to see has gained over 600 views on the mighty YouTube ^_^

Towards the end of the year I have been looking for musical collaborations. I like to write and perform solo, but it's also fun to be a part of a bigger thing so I've offered backing vocals on a number of projects this year with more in the pipeline and I'll keep you posted on social feeds about those projects as and when...

Looking forward then, I've just written a new song and am talking to a new producer about EP number 2, but before we get there I'll be performing at Magnet in Liverpool for the Mellowtone Christmas Party on Dec 16th - let the eggnog and good times roll!


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