4 May 2022

SheBeat at WOWFest Liverpool 12.05.22


Next week I'm doing a gig in real life in my hometown of Liverpool. 

It's exciting for the following reasons:

Firstly, this is my first gig in Liverpool since the end of 2019 when I was in town to launch my Catch Your Breath EP, so I'm really looking forward to some time with family.

And secondly I'm delighted to be invited as a special guest of author and fabulous human being Zoe Howe for her event at the literary festival Writing on the Wall. 

Zoe is promoting her new book Witchful Thinking and thanks to our Twitter sisterhood over the last couple of years, she kindly invited me along to supply some live SheBeat sounds for her event at Smithdown Social:

8 April 2022

SheBeat x Musosoup 2022

As an independent artist I have seen first hand how difficult it can be to get promotional support for new music, so I'm taking matters into my own hands - and content making skills - and creating a menu for the accessible affordable PR platform Musosoup. The platform was recommended to me by a friend who is a music plugger who said she had heard good things about it vs other submit platforms.... say no more! 

You may know I currently have a weekly radio show featuring music from the Scottish Music Scene - this radio show is also a playlist on Spotify, and I often promote the show on all my social accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) which regularly reach thousands of interested folks thanks to like-minded music loving people on the socials.

I also have a #nowplaying playlist & Facebook Group, and a SheBeat Meets Music Community Facebook group that I'll be using to promote music I think deserves a wider audience. 

The Musosoup platform may not be perfect but as upload and wait for coverage sites go, it's been the best on offer I've found and I am truly hoping I will add something positive to the platform - all the while discovering ace new music makers.

Submissions here please: https://app.musosoup.com/submit/shebeat