27 October 2017

SheBeat Meets Special - Ben Ottewell


In the upstairs room of a lovely pub in Kings Heath, Birmingham last night, Ben Ottewell gave me all the feels ^_^

I didn't even know he existed 4 years ago, but my chap introduced me to him via Gomez, and I quickly got onboard the Ben fanclub, playing him most weekends at home, so delighted to have seen him live, can highly recommend you catch him on his next tour!

Being super-lovely, he agreed to have a quick chat to me for a special edition of SheBeat Meets, hear us discussing heart eyes, disco balls and who he likes to listen to at home when he's relaxing at home...

Then go buy all his stuff at the online store !https://benottewell.officialstore.co.uk/home?hs=1

Downunder Debut

Getting ready to head to the land downunder...

Can't promise a tour bus like Priscilla but I'm hopefuly doing my debut downunder shows at Melbourne (Nov9, The Labor in Vain pub) and another in Sydney sometime after Nov10, TBC)

I always say the best thing about this music adventure is the people you meet and the friends made, and this comes into play for this trip too! A friend I made at aces Liverpool Soundcity festival (hey Wally!) helped me to find a place to play a few songs & hook me up with a local acoustic guitar!

Very excited to get to perform on the other side of the world, but will they understand my accent??? Only one way to find out ;)


6 October 2017

Art inspo strikes again

The living legend that is Todd White is on his latest UK tour and I was lucky enough to catch him on the first night at White Wall Gallery in Solihull...
As you might know, I have two songs in my back catalogue that are WHITE art inspired, Always on the Run and She Never Sleeps Alone... maybe more to come, since I find his pictures so full of character and depth...
His latest limited edition coffee table book (fine art entry level £75 folks!) was on my wishlist - I happen to feature in the back inside sleeve (bottom right) thanks to my forearm WHITE brandmark tattoo - and the lovely man that he is, took a few minutes to dedicate the inside page for me with the picture above, which I can only assume, is my debut album cover art! haha
He won't mind, right?
 Better get some new songs cooking!