6 March 2018

Who are you?

I want to know who is following my SheBeat adventures!
If you'd like to step out from the social media shadows and be in my Facebook Group SheBeat Loves You you are very welcome :)
If you'd like to find me in your email inbox, drop me a line at shebeatmusic@gmail.com, but if you ask for my bank account details you'll be disappointed, as I often am when I look in there ;)
Say hello!
While being SheBeat is a good amount of fun, being a solo artist can sometimes be lonesome and it would be grand to hear from folks about potential gigs and festivals thatyou think I could apply for, about songs you think I might look at building in to my small but stylish covers collection, any collaborations I should try and create and anything else on music making matters you want to share with me...
Looking forward to hearing from you!  
As a treat - listen to this old classic Beat tune on my soundcloud page where you can follow me, and don't forget about my new music podcast SheBeat Meets of which Season 2 is currently live every Wednesday on Brum Radio, with Listen Again links every week