30 December 2014

SheBeat Goes On

2015 looms on the horizon, what will SheBeat be up to I wonder... Plans are for making (and then breaking of course) and here's what I have in mind... Going to play further afield and meet some new interesting peeps! I had much fun playing in Manchester and Shrewsbury earlier this month, and have a bunch of hot tips for gigs as far afield as Cambridge, so watch out & come see me play when I get to your neighbourhood!

At the end of November I recorded a couple of tracks with a couple of guys at LIPA so looking fwd to sharing those with you soon, I'll share on my Soundcloud page...

Meanwhile enjoy this old track of mine, Won't Be The Same... Recorded on my iPhone while in a friend's flat with the window open, makes for an interesting acoustic I reckon ^_^

Thanks to everyone for all your love & support in 2014, it means so much and I am so thankful for every gig I get to perform and every song I am inspired to write... Here's to an even more exciting 2015!

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