2 November 2016

Rainbows and happy times

On my new EP is a recording of my song Rainproof... 

It was written as a cheerer-upper for when life is being a bore, but like our fav gal Dolly P always says, you'll never catch a rainbow without first sitting thru a bit of rain! 

The clocks went back this last week, and as the autumn turns to winter, our perspective gets little greyer along with the weather, so a good time to share a little SheBeat philosophy don't you agree?

"Stick together, whatever comes our way"

This Soundcloud version of the song was recorded on my iPhone, not bad all considering, after all, we're being our best glass half full today ;) 

For the new #properjob recording, head to the usual download places for a listen... And remember! Turn that frown upside down my friend!


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