10 January 2017

Sofar Sounds adventure


I signed up to be a part of the Sofar Sounds community in 2015 and became an artist for Sofar Liverpool in 2016, this year marks a natural next step for me in a new postcode - I am now the team leader for Sofar Truro!

Sofar Sounds is all about the music. It's a listening audience in an intimate and/or creative space and a chance to hear something new for a few quid that goes back into the music making.

Having organised many gigs and events before, I'm hoping this is the makings of a gorgeous new scene for Cornwall, as there are limited opportunities for new artists to play gigs like this in the region that I know of - tho I have only been around 6 months so please correct me if I'm wrong. I've had lots of good vibes and support from the local music community so far tho, which defintely helps!

I had a great response to the Songwriters Circle I started last year and that should continue with some showcase gigs and more group open mic outings across the region... Pop along if you have a song to share - we meet every second Tuesday of the month...

Other new things coming up for me this year are plans for recording a track or two with a local producer Mike Smith, festival performances including the new Beardmasters event and coming up next is a Woodburner Session for Lusty Glaze on Feb 10th - a gem of a venue by the beach!

Meanwhile sign up for some Sofar fun, it's going to be an exciting year! 

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