28 June 2017

SheBeat Meets...

SheBeat Meets... is my latest project to share with ya'll... 

I have long loved radio-making and radio-listening, so after much umming and ahhhing, I am now in production of my very own new music podcast! Think BBC Introducing without a budget... Your fav singer-songwriter chatting to other singer-songwriters about music making etc, exclusive live performances, plus a chance to discover someone new... I always say, just around the corner could lurk your new favourite song! 

One of the motivations for my making this little addition to the big bad world of podcasting is how few outlets there are for talking about your music as a grassroots artist... I'm hoping to give a platform to a handful of artists you might never hear about otherwise... I was inspired, in part, by ItMattersRadio with Kerry & Monica who invited me to be their guest a few months back, which I found such a great experience. I also really enjoy a gal pal podcast called Call Your Girlfriend - recommended to me by my own girlfriend KC - which often laments the lack of women in podding... so here I am! 

The series will be in season format, I am recording six episodes which will be dropped weekly via the soundcloud page below hopefully starting sometime next month... bear with me caller ;) 

After the first season I will take stock and seek feedback on whether we all want to carry on for another batch... but first we shall suck it and see!

This is where SheBeat Meets... will live when we go live, so add it as a bookmark beat fans...

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