8 September 2017

SheBeat Meets... in review

#WOW Making SheBeat Meets has been so much fun!!!

I obviously thought it might be worth doing, just to see how I liked it/ got on with it... But meeting with these songwriters, chatting about the craft and the passion of music making, has been so inspiring and life-affirming, I am so thankful to my guests for taking part in my little new music pod project for that if nothing else ^_^ 

What a privilege to have exclusive sessions of grassroots talent! A joy to meet such talented songwriters and share a moment to chat about what is it we do and why we feel compelled to do it! Such fun to discover both the unique stories and similarities, such a sense of solidarity in art making! I can't find the words to explain how much love I'm feeling for this little project... 

Which makes this next chapter for the series even more exciting - local community station Brum Radio has invited me to continue the series with them for their Autumn schedule! I mean, if I thought the Universe wasn't conspiring to make all my dreams come true, this MIGHT turn my head a little ;) Such a wonderful turn of events, I do hope you'll tune in from wherever you be - I'll post broadcast schedule/ listen again links as soon as we have them, and planning to have a little launch party featuring live performances from the wonderful singer-songwriters I've met so far! 

Speaking of which... 
Thanks so much to my guests from Season One of SheBeat Meets... 
Liam and Leon from Little Liam 

#Staytuned Beat fans! 

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