29 October 2019

Pod 2020

In the summer of 2017 when I started my podcast, SheBeat Meets, I had no idea the joy and community it would create - 40+ eps later, am so happy to still be able to bring this little corner of independent music to life, long into 2020 may we continue, defo want to put on some live shows for you to attend - maybe even from Brum Radio HQ Warehouse CafĂ© in Digbeth... watch this space...  look for the SheBeat Meets Spotify playlist!  

Other future plans for the pod, hoping to get some eps on Spotify, planning to write up some of the interviews & content for a local zine to promote #womeninmusic, and now you can contribute to SheBeat Treasury directly via a new Patreon page, a (fairly) new space for music makers to build a community of supporters to make their art self-sufficient & of value to those who value such things in this life...

The New EP is coming next month to a gig near you - more on release dates/ merch & more soon! Make sure you're in my Facebook SheBeat Loves You fambo to get the latest... 

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