9 January 2015

If It Was My Band: REVIEW

Imagine you could ask a music industry insider for their best tips… How to secure that private jet lifestyle, or perhaps you just need to know how to achieve cider and sandwiches for your backstage rider… If you’re trying to make music a full time gig, If It WasMy Band (£8.99) is a great start in your journey to rock stardom. 

Author Emma Scott is a professional radio presenter, gig promoter, radio plugger… and boy does she know her onions when it comes to all things music! Finding herself muttering ‘If it was MY band…’ all too often, the book was born and what a handy little guide it is too... Only a third of the way through I was making my own to-do list in my head. 

When music is your passion it’s easy to forget about the ‘business’ end of things, you don’t imagine Paul McCartney gets very involved with his PRS form filling… but while you’re on the up and up, these little streams of revenue really make a difference in your direction of travel.

It’s a genuine gift to get this kind of insight, as we all know the music industry is who you know, not how many chords you can play or amazing songs you can write, so grab this little gem while you can and then god speed to rock and roll history 
– just remember it was Emma who helped you get there, and defo invite me to your Liverpool gig date, plus 1 yeah? ;)

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