4 August 2015

The C Word

A friend suggested to me last week that my music is Country Indie Blues, meanwhile I have pitched for setting my tent up as Acoustic Folk Pop... but given so many influences it's hard to know how to best present - well, tag, your music making efforts! I love Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift as much as the next girl and people oft say I remind them of country artists they love such as Lucinda Williams and the like, so maybe there is some Nashville in my writing afterall! 

But it's far from clear cut... For example, my EP features what I would say are my most pop-like songs, but they also have indie, blues, retro, country influences... While this track Won't Be The Same - a very mellow track - is more blues, folk, pop - or is it? Who am I to tell you what you think my music should be categorised as in your little brainbox?! 

While I have a small existential crisis, do feel free to feedback how you think I tackle this 'what am I?' question, meanwhile ponder a few live dates I have coming up in this here Liverpool...

Thursday Aug 6th Writers Club, Constellations from 7.30pm 
Saturday Aug 8th LIMF Bandstand, Sefton Park 
Saturday Sept 5th BeerdFest, Constellations 

Find my debut EP here
Or seek it out on Amazon or Spotify 
Twitter me @shebeatmusic 

Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

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