25 January 2021

SheBeat Believe 2021 (EPK)


Believe is the latest release from Leith-based singer-songwriter SheBeat aka Jodie Schofield. 

The Liverpool born, Edinburgh based artist wanted to release the song about making a difference and being the best you can be to help combat the winter blues, which feel even more stark this year thanks to covid and lockdown life. 

Released for first listen via Bandcamp and Patreon to encourage fans to choose the artist-friendly platforms, a homemade slideshow video promo is also up on her YouTube channel and streaming on all music platforms to follow this week. TikTok, we await your Midas touch!

It's a song SheBeat wrote back in 2014 and first recorded during the sessions for her debut EP (SheBeat) as a free download on Soundcloud for kindness project Be Lovely Day in January 2015. A popular track with fans and live audiences, a 2021 revisit felt timely. 

SheBeat Jodie said: "With everything against us for the start of the year with lockdown fatigue and covid anxiety, it's an uplifting song about taking life by the love handles and making your best (lockdown) life happen. My Dad always tells me to believe in myself and it's a really empowering simple message I want to share... and remind myself of!" 

The track was recorded with the help of Edinburgh producer Ian 'Sons of the Descent' White, and the artwork features a portrait painted by SheBeat friend, and Glasgow-based artist, Tom Heinsohn. 

SheBeat Jodie explains: "The artwork shows me flying through the local landscape of North Edinburgh, like a Monty Python character, spreading hope and smiles. Tom had created the portrait for my birthday last year and I superimposed it onto a shot I'd recently taken in Newhaven harbour."

New music plans for 2021 are afoot for SheBeat, including a new BeatZine and debut album. Hear SheBeat news first via my Patreon, or join my mailing list - email shebeatmusic @ gmail.com


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