15 February 2021

SheBeat new release So Into You EPK


So Into You is the latest release from Leith singer-songwriter SheBeat (Jodie Schofield). 

The Liverpool born, North Edinburgh based artist recorded shore sounds from the stunning coast at Prestonpans over the summer and decided to mix them with this track, in a bid to create the siren song.

Released for first listen via Bandcamp and Patreon to encourage fans to choose the artist-friendly platforms, a homemade video promo will follow on her YouTube channel, and streaming on all music platforms to follow this month. TikTok friends, go crazy!

It's a love song written recently, SheBeat Jodie said: "The gentle lapping shore sounds really set the pace, I played electric guitar for this, instead of usual acoustic, to enable a slower strum, and since it's a love song I tried a softer vocal, like a whisper to a lover, hopefully if you listen with headphones you'll hear the sentiment. The water should lap back and forth too!" 

Edinburgh producer Ian 'Sons of the Descent' White added subterranean keys, lead guitar magic and percussion loops to the track, and the artwork features a picture from North Edinburgh shore. 

SheBeat Jodie explains: "The artwork features the shore, because it became such an integral part of the sound of this track. I am in love with the coast at North Edinburgh, filling my socials with colourful sunsets and water landscapes. Being from Liverpool, I grew up by the water, singing sailor songs, hearing about smuggled rum and transatlantic maritime life. This soundscape is a hat tip to that rich river city history."

New music in 2021 for SheBeat, include a Beat Zine and debut album. Hear SheBeat news first via my Patreon, or join my mailing list - email shebeatmusic @ gmail.com


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streaming in all the places, lovers! 

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